CherryGO goes through the roof: 50 thousand users in CHERRISK's first app! 🤩

The first mobile application of CHERRISK had an awesome kick-off: CherryGO acquired more than 50 thousand users in its first six months. What's even more important, users don't abandon the app, they use it every day. No wonder our members spent more than 190 million minutes on the go. With this we achieved our most important goal: we really motivate people to live a more active life.

Of course, we have other interesting facts and figures about CherryGO. Just like we often do, we prepared an infograph for you about CherryGO's results in the first six months:


We move together every day

Although having 50 thousand users is a remarkable feat, we're even more happy to see that our users really enjoy our app every day. In the first 5.5 months, CherryGO users collected more than 38 million virtual cherries through the app. This means that they've spent 190,000,000 (yes, 190 MILLION!) minutes on the go.

Great app for those who walk, drive or move a lot. From now on they can get rewards for these activities! (Beus1123, 5⭐, App Store)

These are breathtaking figures, which show us how far people can go in building healthier habits with a little bit of extra motivation.

We have awesome goodies

Speaking about extra motivation, we must mention our awesome goodies. These are the products, coupons, raffle tickets that our users can redeem with their cherries. At the time of writing this post there's more than 3,200 goodies in our CherryGO store. People especially love our raffles: they redeemed 70 thousand tickets to win awesome prizes.

This app honestly surprised me! Simple but awesome. Easy to use and fun. I love it! (Ricshmond, 5⭐, App Store)

Furthermore, new and awesome goodies are already on their way to our store, and the CherryGO team works hard on getting even more products and coupons to appear in CherryGO.

Much more than an application

CherryGO is part of an ecosystem which have a lot more than just a successful lifestyle app. All our products share one thing, though. It doesn't matter if we build CherryGO or CHERRISK, we're trying to help our customers adapt to today's fast moving world better.

Interesting little app! 😄 I love walking, so this was an instant hit for me! (emmahanabi, 5⭐, App Store)

We're happy to see that in just one year, we've managed to help 100 thousand people to live a safer and better life within our ecosystem.

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