Dear Valued Customers, We’re sorry to inform you that we’re currently unable to provide new CHERRISK Travel and Home Insurance policies in Germany. In the meantime, we continue to prioritize claim handling for existing contracts. For any questions regarding your existing policy, please contact us.

CHERRISK team stays at home but keeps the productivity level at 100%!

One of the most efficient methods of fighting against the coronavirus is social distancing. With not meeting others and staying at home we can slow down the spread of the disease. An important step in beating it. Of course, this isn’t an easy thing to do, especially in a sector like insurance, where traditionally sales and customer service agents meet clients in person. CHERRISK employees however are working from home for days now, and our clients couldn’t tell the difference.

When we launched our platform we wrote: we love “that nowadays everything can be done online. Well, almost everything. Up until now, managing an insurance was part of that ‘almost’. CHERRISK is making insurance part of the everything!” This promise is now put to the test like we never dared to imagine. Luckily, we were able to live up to our word!

The office might be empty, but our schedule is not!


Manage your things (and insurances) from home!

It’s clear now that CHERRISK can provide a user friendly solution in a situation like this,

said Krisztián Kurtisz about the way our staff switched to working remotely in a blink of an eye. Our CEO added that “while most providers and insurance companies had to curb their services, our paperless and 100% online platform works just like it did before”. How? Simple:

  • buying policies is online and self-serviced,
  • administration is online and self-serviced,
  • customer care works from home,
  • claim experts work from home,
  • IT developers work from home.

In short: on CHERRISK everything can be done without personal contact. “This is much more than a business success. With our model we can protect the health of our clients. What’s more, we protect our employees too, since no one had to come to our office since Monday,” said Krisztián. The Monday morning briefing for our 50 person staff was already held in the cyberspace. During this virtual meeting our CEO underlined that switching to remote working like we did is unique in the insurance sector. Since then we had several online meetings like that one, and we’re able to keep up our standard efficiency.

Technology is here, use it wisely!

Due to this pandemic all online technologies are gaining value. No wonder so many (online) retailers have switched to “hire mode” to meet their customer demand.

Working from home can't stop meetings!


Ferenc Fazekas, CHERRISK’s co-CEO and head of IT believes that “our switch to remote working was an absolute success. The technologies we use have existed for a while now, but using them at this scale is something new. Luckily, innovative thinking, the brave use of existing technologies, and adapting to new situations is deeply encoded in the CHERRISK D.N.A. I believe we passed this test splendidly: all our employees are working from home and all our clients can manage their insurances without any hiccups.”

Customer care works (almost) the same

This uninterrupted user experience is greatly helped by CHERRISK’s customer care which works just like it did before. Well, almost like before: our colleagues are waiting for your calls and texts at home. “Even after switching to remote work, our SLA remains 100%, which is quite an achievement. Most companies are just looking into converting their customer care to a work from home mode, while we already made the conversion after a short test period. Our office might be empty, but our customers don’t need to suffer because of that,” said Gergely Kovács Head of Operation at CHERRISK.

Our customer care works from home too!



If possible, we advice you to stay home as long as you don’t have any urgent things to do outside. With social distancing you can not only protect your own health but others’ too.

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