CherryGO: move less, help more!

Time spent with moving around declined with 20% due to the coronavirus and social distancing – turns out from the CherryGO application data. Our users collected significantly less cherries than usual, but for once we can be happy about this decline. Since we want to support staying at home, 30 bonus cherries are given to all of our users irrespectively of their activity level. Moreover we started a new charity program, with which everybody can support the elderly to stay at home.

“Walk, run and bike a lot” is what we always say, but now we advise to do otherwise. In this difficult situation it is best to stay at home in order to slower the spread of the virus. It becomes difficult to collect cherries this way though...

The numbers tell us that we really are staying home

A decline in the number of collected cherries in CherryGO is already noticeable. This shows a hefty 20% decline, which is due to state regulations and the social initiative to stay at home. These changes are visible from the data below.


Bike riding was the only activity that users spent more time on last week, than during a regular period. This is no wonder, since biking is not only healthy, but also “social distancing-friendly". If someone has a job that they cannot do from home, it is advised to use their bike to get to work instead of using public transport. As bad weather approached last week, time spent on bikes rapidly declined. Although working out is super important for all of us, it would be even better if our numbers declined more, because that would mean that even more people manage to stay at home.

30 bonus cherries every day

For all the above reasons, we decided to give away 30 bonus cherries for every CherryGO user daily until further notice. Our goal with this is to support people to stay at home. An average CherryGO user collects 30 cherries a day, hence the number if you asked. 😊. No need to pass up on your favourite goodies even if you stay at home.

Help the elderly to stay at home too

Suddenly occurring problems need quick solutions. That is why we quickly decided to add a new charity goodie in the CherryGO store, called “Support elders during the coronavirus outbreak”. Users can get this goodie for a 100 cherries and CHERRISK will donate 100 HUF per redeemed goodie to the Friends of the elderly programme. The volunteers of the charity support elders in need with food during the spread of the COVID-19. This can help them not to go outside as others do the shopping for them.

The charity coupon can be found in the CherryGO app and there is no restriction in how many one can redeem. This is how we all can do something small that will have a greater impact and we can build a safer and better world together.


Although it is not advised to go outside during this period of time, sport and working out became more important than ever in order for us to stay healthy. Therefore we advise everyone to do some kind of sport while at home. It is even better if you motivate others to do the same and share our hashtag #maradjotthonemmaval (#stayhomewithemma in English) to tell us how you spend your quarantine time.

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