Dear Valued Customers, We’re sorry to inform you that we’re currently unable to provide new CHERRISK Travel and Home Insurance policies in Germany. In the meantime, we continue to prioritize claim handling for existing contracts. For any questions regarding your existing policy, please contact us.

Simpler, faster, even more beautiful – CHERRISK has been renewed! ✨

We were working on it for one and a half years but finally CHERRISK 2.0 has arrived! Our platform became simpler and more user friendly. Moreover, with several changes in the “background” our system became faster and is ready to start its international journey. Terms and conditions are now more transparent and additional coverages make the insurance products even more comprehensive.

On 17 September 2018 we have celebrated the launch of CHERRISK, but since the following day after we have been working on making the platform even better. There were developments, small and big in the last one and a half years but today we turned things around quite a bit! At the dawn of 1 April 2020 CHERRISK 2.0 was launched: the platform became multilingual and is ready for international expansion – a first among Hungarian insurtechs. Although the biggest technological changes were made in the background, there are several improvements that our users can experience as well. We think we deserve a little boasting about these achievements.

CHERRISK 2.0 is here!

First of all, we’ve changed several things on the frontend based on your feedback. This would not have been possible without our exclusive test group CHERRISK Hard core. Their constant help, answers and ideas really made our platform better. Thank you for that!

One notable change driven by our user community was that the sales flow and contracting process became even simpler. Great changes came to our claims management system too. Thanks to them, filing and handling claims – which was already outstanding in the sector – became even more efficient and swift.

Personal profiles (aka Dashboards) also became cleaner, so as we used to say about CHERRISK insurances you can “focus on what really matters” even more. Another important change is that from today you can access all our processes in English, so expats living in Hungary can buy policies easier from now on. What’s more, soon we will launch in a Western EU country, and with all these updates our system is more than ready for that!

There were many less obvious but just as important changes in CHERRISK. The underlying system of our platform also changed, so all our processes can be faster and more stable.

CHERRISK insurances reborn!

CHERRISK insurances have been reborn as well and they have some really great new things about them. Some coverages have changed and there are new ones too!

Main changes of the Insurance Accident:

  • The territorial scope of the accidental death coverage is now worldwide.
  • Three new coverages are included in the insurance: search and rescue; patient transport; patient visit.
  • The general liability coverage has been removed from the Accident Insurance. The reason for this is that the focus is on creating internationally standardised insurance products.
  • The rehabilitation costs coverage now includes not only lasting mental or physical health impairment, but burn induced injuries of 50% or above as well.

Home Insurance changed a great deal too:

  • Due to the changes on the market, the maximum coverage for real estates was raised by 20-50%, depending on the exact location of the estate.
  • Maximum coverage values were raised in several cases.
  • Contents insurance now includes “Movables carried along” coverage too. What this means is that if you take a valuable (like a laptop) with you and get robbed the insurance will cover it for a maximum of 300 thousand forints.

These new conditions also brought some premium changes: in most cases fees decreased, but in others they increased moderately. All our current clients who were affected by these changes have been or being notified. Responses to these changes in existing policies have been rather positive, which means that our customers welcome the modified insurances.

Generally, all our terms and conditions became more transparent and easier to understand. The content of the CHERRISK Travel Insurance improved quite a bit too, but due to the current coronavirus pandemic the announcement of these were postponed. As soon as travelling is safe again, we will reveal the news!

CHERRISK GO is coming!

Who is already following us, would know that we have an app, but in the next days (depending on the verification of the AppStore and Play Store) CherryGO will transform into CHERRISK GO. Not only the name changes: the application is redesigned with an enhanced user experience. Moreover, after the update anyone can access CHERRISK insurances via the app.

The CHERRISK Community Programme has changed too. In brief, the collection of virtual cherries is moved from the insurance platform to the CHERRISK GO app. Users can collect cherries by doing different activities after installing the free to download app. These cherries can then be converted to supporting charities or redeemed for other awesome goodies like product discounts.

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