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This is how CHERRISK makes quarantine more enjoyable 🏘

Self-isolation and social distancing take its toll on most of us at CHERRISK, just like most of you out there. To counter this, we try to come up with new things every day to make home office a little more bearable. Maybe our ideas can help you making this unfortunate situation a little better, so we share some tips with you!

We “meet” every day

The first and most important thing we do is that we meet every morning with our teammates. Of course this is a virtual meeting on the Teams app, but it still helps a lot. Why? Because these sessions aren’t just about our daily tasks, but also about being together for a bit.

For the same reason we have an “all staff meeting” several times a week. During these meetings every team leader talks about their group’s work. We also have a “no mute” session, where we can have a quick chat with each other. Since these meetings are dubbed “CHERRISK Quarantine Radio”, we also have resident DJ, none else than our very own CEO Krisztián Kurtisz. And since this became a proper (albeit private) radio station, we not only have music during these meetings but a proper radio theme tune too:

We’ve also created a Spotify playlist with the most requested songs so you can have some fun with us:

We try to convince our staff to turn on their cameras during these meetings too. At first, it wasn’t easy to make everyone show off their “home office” attires, but now more and more people are getting used to it. This really makes our meetings a bit more personal.

We have fun together

Luckily, life’s not just about work, so we try to have some fun together too. After launching CHERRISK 2.0 some weeks ago for example we had a party, just like we do after every important kick-off. This time, however, we didn’t go to some fancy place but stayed at home. Honestly, we still prefer real parties over the virtual ones, but celebrating this way was surprisingly good.

We also used to have a birthday celebration at the end of every month where we toasted our B-day boys and girls. We managed to make this work during the pandemic too: at the end of March we’ve sent small cakes to our team members who had their birthdays last month. Wasn’t the same (and sharing the cakes virtually is definitely not the same), but we’re happy we were able to keep up this habit. (As things are going now it seems that in April we will celebrate the same way.)

We’re also going to have our first virtual CHERRISK-quiz with the lead of Nóri. She was the queen of QuizNights before the quarantine, and now she’s going to bring her knowledge to CHERRISK. A member of our legal team, Judit has started a make up course online for the girls. Other courses like this are in plan. Our communications expert Kata is planning to teach some haute cuisine cooking, while several others want to convince our key account manager Judit to share her facial care tips with them.

We find things to do on our own

Of course, we can’t be on Teams all the time, so we find things to do on our own like proper hermits. Our testing team member Erika upped her colouring game for example. She was more than happy to share her progress with us:


Gergő (who also strengthens team testing) is a huge fan of World of Warcraft Classic, and he’s sharing his epic virtual adventures on Twitch.

The aforementioned Nóri loves quizzes outside of CHERRISK too: with her friends they have online sessions several times a week. Although we’re staying home, several “Cherryladies” (they call this themselves!) said they’re enjoying spring from their balconies while sunbathing. For Eszter, it’s not only about outer beauty, though: when she’s not out on the sun, she develops her memory wit the help of Emma:


Would you like to get more tips about making staying at home more enjoyable? Follow us on Instagram too, and share your own tips using the hashtag #maradjotthonemmaval!

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