1.4 million for the elderly – this is how we came together in a time of need

The first wave of the coronavirus pandemic might soon be over, but something great will remain with us: the CHERRISK-community showed that in such a crisis it can act as one to help people in need. At the beginning of the Hungarian lockdown, we’ve launched a charity campaign to help “Idősek Barátai Program” (Friends of the Elderly Program) and the number of supporters surpassed our wildest dreams. In just 33 days, CHERRISK GO users have donated over 1.4 million cherries. That means 1,444,600 forints (appr. 4000 euros) support that provides meals to 400 over-65s.

Back in March, at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak and the restrictions in Hungary we’ve launched a special charity campaign to help the most vulnerable social group of all, the elderly. We believe(d) that they should always get support from the society, but even more in difficult times like this.

Idősek Barátai Program was here to help!

The leaders of Idősek Barátai Program also realised the importance of social distancing for the elderly. This was the reason why they supported them with non-perishable food packages. With delivering these packages, they saved them from the risks of shopping. Furthermore, they also guaranteed that seniors in need had access to the nutrients most important to them. What’s more, they also provided some company to the loneliest, which was a great way of keeping their mental health intact.

This meant 1.4 million forints (4000 euros) for a great cause. The amount is enough to aid “approximately 400 senior citizens with food packages. These packages have the much-needed nutrients for them.”, said Katalin Somlai, head of the Idősek Barátai charity programme.

It was a true cherry-tsunami!

Although CHERRISK employees were rather active during the campaign, the larger community really outpaced us. Our most supportive user alone “spent” 15,700 cherries to 157 charity goodies. This was converted to 15,700 forints by CHERRISK. The second most active user got 102 coupons, while the third one “purchased” 87 coupons. We’re especially proud of one of our legal team’s member, Petra, who almost made it to the top three with getting of these 75 goodies.

“It was such a great surprise to see how many people think and care about the elderly! We were rather touched by the number of supporters and the amount of money donated as well”, wrote Katalin Somlai after the campaign.

It’s hard to put it into words how grateful we are to CHERRISK and its users for such a serious support!,

she added.

Stay home with Emma!

This charitable campaign was accompanied by another one in CHERRISK GO. Usually we encourage everyone to move more, but during the lockdown that was a bit different. During the outbreak we wanted to motivate people to stay home, therefore we gave away 30 cherries every day to our users, no matter how much they moved. This way no one has to miss out on their favourite goodies, while they can stay home and safe. We believe that through these two, simultaneous campaigns we were able to achieve something that benefitted society.

Germany, here we come!

Our work is far from finished, though. In May we’ve launched CHERRISK GO in Germany as well, and our mission didn’t change a bit: we want to help people to live safer and healthier lives. We’re also looking for charitable causes to support. In Hungary and now Germany as well!

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