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CHERRISK celebrates its second birthday! 🍒 🍰

For this occasion we’ve received a very special gift from the organizations supported by CHERRISK in the last two years.

We had no idea another year will go by so fast. And yet, on September 17, 2020, CHERRISK celebrated its second birthday. 🎂

The number "two” is very special, as we have achieved a lot in these two years. For example, we are present intwo countries, and our ecosystem already has nearly two hundred thousand users… but that’s not all!

There’s an achievement that we can be even more proud of. An achievement that would have been impossible without you,our community. In two years, we supported more than twenty charity goals, with more than 12 million HUF. 🤝

This means a lot to us, but also to the charities we have helped...

We’d like to thank you, the CHERRISK community, for being with us for two years and making all this possible! 💙

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