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1500 years spent in motion - 🍒 GO breaks the 💯 thousand user milestone!

We’ve reached an important milestone: CHERRISK GO acquired 💯 thousand registered users! Although Hungary takes the lead for now, Germany is coming up at a breath-taking pace when it comes to user numbers. What’s even better is that our users just never stop moving! Together they’ve spent 1500 years in motion in just a little more than a calendar year, and they’ve spent most of their virtual cherries on charitable causes!

Hungary is flying, Germany took off

Our app was launched in Hungary (previously CherryGO) back in June 2019, and it’s gaining ground ever since. To prepare for our international expansion, we renamed the app to CHERRISK GO, but the pace of growth didn’t slow down. On the contrary: the app just acquired its 💯 thousandth user. In Hungary it has 90 thousand-, while in Germany it has 10 thousand users. The latter is a wonderful number knowing that we’ve launched the app in Germany, one of the biggest markets of the European Union in May. These numbers give us great pleasure, since it proves our theory was right: we can motivate people to live a safer and healthier life anywhere in the world.


CHERRISK GO users clocked 1500 years in motion

What’s even better to see is that these 💯 thousand users are moving a lot. And we mean a lot: our users spent 785 million minutes in motion. That converts to 1500 years in just a bit more than a calendar year! This means that they’ve “harvested” 157 million virtual cherries with just walking, running, cycling or driving without using their phones. We’ve awarded the same amount of cherries to our users for inviting their friends and other activities. One of our most successful campaign was the #maradjotthonemmával (#stayhomewithemma) one, where we gave away bonus cherries to our users to motivate them to stay home during the first wave of coronavirus.



You love ‘em goodies…

Luckily, most of these cherries didn’t go to waste: our users redeemed 51 thousand goodies altogether. Some hard core 🍒 GO users already redeemed the high value goodies both in Hungary and Germany, namely the Apple Watches and the iPods Pros. Other than these, the most popular goodie was the CHERRISK sticker set which helps recycling at home (and is coming to Germany soon!). Our third party partners had great success too: several Hungarian coupons achieved great fame, like a fitness centre entrance-, and a clothing discount coupon. (Hungarian goodies had almost a year advantage on the German ones, so they obviously took the lead this time… but we’re curios what will be the case when we hit 200 thousand users!) In Hungary we also had lotteries for an iPhone, a Bluetooth speaker, and a luggage set which were super popular: Hungarian users “spent” 12 million cherries on these lottery tickets.


…but you’re crazy for charities!

The best thing in the numbers above is that you’ve “spent” the most cherries to aid charitable causes. Our users redeemed 40 thousand of these. Since the inception of CHERRISK, our community supported 21 organizations with 34 thousand Euros. Out of this, 7 organizations were fully supported through 🍒 GO, which meant 19 thousand Euros for them. We were able to help great causes like a Brave Camp event; the elderly during the coronavirus; while Gyermekmentő Alapítvány broke all our previous records on how fast they were able to gather supporters. Don’t worry: our charitable causes aren’t only accessible in Hungary. If you live in Germany, you can support local causes just as well!


Don’t stop movin’

The development of such a successful app just can’t stop. That’s why new and awesome goodies are coming to 🍒 GO both in Germany and Hungary. Although we can’t share details with you at the moment, high value goodies are expected for both markets! Furthermore, some bugfixes and cool new features are also in the making, so our app can become even more useful. Many things changed lately, but our main goal did not: we want to motivate people to live a healthier and safer life through CHERRISK GO.




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