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CHERRISK turns 3 🎂🎉

We turned three today, which means we’re not toddlers anymore. Jokes aside, we’ve grown from a pilot project into a successful insurtech with over 330,000 users in our ecosystem. We’re not stopping here, as we have serious expansion plans for the following years. Learn more in this post about what surprises we brought to our users this year!

CHERRISK is made by us but built by you! 🍒🤝 

A few years ago, we were barely more than a dream shared by a handful of enthusiastic people. Today, we’re a successful insurance platform with the community of several hundred thousand users. How did we achieve that? With your help, of course! Without you reading this blog, downloading our app, and purchasing CHERRISK insurances, we wouldn’t be where we are now. 



We made all of this together, and we are very grateful for that! So it’s just natural that we thought we would update you on where we are and where we’re heading.  

Insurance 2.0 is not just a theory anymore 👩‍💻🌍 

Three years ago, when our platform was launched, we were “just” an exciting pilot project of UNIQA Group, one of Central Eastern Europe’s most prominent insurance companies. Our goal was to prove that a highly digitalized, cross-country model can serve any number of countries from one centre instead of building skyscrapers everywhere we go. 

We called this model “Insurance 2.0”, and we were very keen to show that it can work. Today we can proudly say that it’s not just a concept anymore. It’s a validated way of doing insurance in the 21st century and the post-COVID world. We do serve two countries from Budapest with high customer satisfaction.  

Brokers and White Label: Discovering new possibilities ⭐✔️ 

Meeting or even surpassing customer expectations is among the most important things in our daily lives. That’s the reason why we got featured on CHECK24, the biggest insurance comparison site in Germany. Local customers love to compare policies and premiums. They wanted to see how we fare with the competition, and we heard their voices. It was the right decision to make: our clientele is growing nicely, while we also got a 1.4 Tarifnote from CHECK24, which is “Sehr Gut”, according to them!  

Based on customer feedback, we’ve also launched version 3 of our website. Again, we conducted tests, surveys, deep dives with Hungarian and German users. Based on our findings we made plenty of changes to our site to make it better for visitors.  

Another exciting adventure we’re starting is offering CHERRISK as a white-label service. As we mentioned before, CHERRISK is funded by UNIQA. The group is present in 18 countries and serving more than 15.5 million customers. In the upcoming years, together we’re going to implement our technological solutions to boost their online presence. So we’re very excited to work together with the traditional side of UNIQA even tighter, and we see it as an excellent chance for expansion.   

Come, celebrate with us 🍰🍾 

To help you celebrate our 3rd birthday, we came up with several things.  

  • First and foremost, you can get 33% off your insurance with the coupon code “CHERRISK3” this weekend (17-19 September).
  • Furthermore, every registered GO user will get 300 cherries in the upcoming days as a way of saying thank you to them. 
  • If you register any activities in the GO app during this weekend, you’ll also get a special birthday badge.
  • We’re not done yet: For a month (starting today), you’ll be able to redeem a special colouring goodie in the app, dedicated to our birthday.
    Would you like to celebrate with us? 😊

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